Glasgow Climate Dialogues communiqué published

Earlier this week, a climate change communiqué was published ahead of the COP26 summit next month. The release of this report follows the Glasgow Climate Dialogues, a series of events held to discuss four main themes of the climate crisis, planned by the Scottish Government and Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS), of which SCIAF is a member.  

The events brought together climate activists, politicians, NGOs and academics from communities all over the world – especially the world’s poorest communities, where the climate crisis has the most devastating effects. Participants attended from countries including Malawi, Sri Lanka, Rwanda, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Uganda, Colombia, Uruguay and Tonga.

The communiqué lays out various recommendations for COP26, especially the need for countries like the UK to step up and commit to providing financial support to those countries that are struggling most but have done least to cause the crisis. It also highlights the importance of listening to those on the frontline of the Climate Emergency, and calls for the UN to ensure fair participation at COP26 later this year.  

Rhoda Boateng, Program Coordinator, International Trade Union Congress – Africa, said: 

“The climate crisis reiterates the need for collaboration, to find sustainable and inclusive solutions for climate action. 

“By providing a platform to amplify the voices of the Global South, the Glasgow Climate Dialogues speaks to the spirit of solidarity which is much needed in combating the climate crisis today. 

“We hope that in the same light, COP26 would provide grounds for both developing and industrialised countries to arrive at decisions that will strengthen the much-needed adaptive capacities of developing countries from climate impacts, as well as push countries to raise climate ambitions in line with the required climate targets. Realising this would be great progress towards climate justice.” 

Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero, Energy and Transport Michael Matheson said: 

"We are determined to do everything we can to ensure a successful outcome at COP26. That means we must be an ally to the nations that are already feeling the impact of climate change, despite having done the least to cause it.

"I am proud that Scotland has been able to play a role in facilitating these discussions and this statement of hopes and expectations for COP26. I look forward to continuing to work with our friends and partners to make good on these ambitions.

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