We welcome our sisters and brothers on the move

As a member of Caritas Internationalis, on this year’s International Migrants Day, we’re calling on governments around the world to ease human mobility instead of treating migrants as an economic threat.  

For people crossing borders, these are dangerous and often fatal times, and we implore everyone to remember that migrants are human beings leaving their home out of necessity – to seek protection, work, study, or reunite with their family.  

We strongly echo Pope Francis’ message on preserving the dignity of migrants across our Common Home:

It is distressing to hear of proposals that common funds be used to build walls and barbed wire as a solution. …Yet problems are not resolved and coexistence improved by building walls higher, but by joining forces to care for others according to the concrete possibilities of each and in respect for the law, always giving primacy to the inalienable value of the life of every human being.

We pray that European pathways for migrants become safe and well-organised. We call for a drastic shift in migration policies away from walls and militarized borders, and we reject attitudes of hatred and division towards migrants.  

We acknowledge and promote the positive contributions migration has on global societies. With diversity comes a deeper breadth of perspective and empathy, new knowledge, and an opportunity to forge friendships.  

Please pray for our sisters and brothers on the move.