Julius' story

Julius lives in extreme poverty, surviving on less than £1.38 per day. And, like 80% of people living in Malawi, he feeds himself and his young family by farming a small area of land.

However, because of the unpredictable weather caused by climate change, his family don’t know when their next meal might be. 

Climate change is causing a lot of problems in my life, compared to the past. When you are growing food for your family, every person lives on optimism. But now my household – and many others in the village – are facing hunger because of the unpredictable rainfall patterns. Some people only have one meal a day. Some sleep on an empty stomach. Our main problem is hunger.

In the mornings, Julius often sends his children to school without breakfast. Exhausted and hungry, they struggle to concentrate and to do their best in class. Without a successful education, Julius knows his children won’t be able to escape the cycle of poverty that keeps them hungry each day. 

As well as directly causing hunger for his family, Julius’ inability to grow crops has also destroyed his income.  At night, after only a small meal, Julius’ 13-year-old son Issa struggles to fall asleep as the rain pours in.

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I wish my house had a roof made of an iron sheet, and that I had a good blanket to warm me so that I don’t feel the cold.

Issa, Julius' son