Tamala's story

A child lost. Two small meals a day. And forced from her home.  

This is part of Tamala’s story. A story that is just 30 years old, and which has been made more difficult, more uncertain and more heart-breaking because of the devastating impacts of climate change. 

Tamala reflects:

The biggest challenge I have faced in my life is the death of my first child.

The child suffered from Malaria, which is killing more of the poorest people as a result of climate change.  

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Due to climate change, household poverty is increasing. My children now lack school uniforms because of climate change. I do not have enough money. And hunger is hitting our homes hard.


Tamala, her husband and three children survive by growing crops for the family, selling whatever they have left.  

But irregular rainfall patterns, extreme temperatures, and destructive weather events such as floods and droughts are making life challenging in Malawi – and leaving people hungry. 

There is not enough food for the table. No surplus to sell for money. And little hope left for Tamala.