Pieter's story

Pieter Nthenda is one of our partners in Malawi. He is the Director of the Catholic Development Commission in Malawi (CADECOM) in Mangochi, an organisation that provides hope by teaching organic farming techniques, providing more resilient and varied seed varieties, and offering access to family loans.

Pieter knows that although communities living in poorer countires produce very few carbon emissions, these people are more likely to die from challenges created by the changing climate - flooding, respiratory illness, and hunger. 

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When you come to poor countries like Malawi, what is causing the hunger? There are several factors, but one of the big issues is climate change. We must take care of climate change.


Although Pieter has witnessed the worst effects of the Climate Emergency, he still has hope for the future.

With your donations, CADECOM are able to provide hope to families on the front line of the Climate Emergency who are hungry and facing life on the edge of survival.