Survivor stories

Many women have suffered unimaginable experiences across the Democratic Republic of Congo. These nine women courageously told their stories because they knew there were kind people in Scotland who could help.

Please read their stories and hear their cry. 


After Angela and her family were attacked by rebels, she is now receiving medical treatment and counselling so she can begin to rebuild her life.


After being abducted at gunpoint and held captive for four years, Sylvia escapes and manages to find her way home.


Lisa was born into a poor family and never received an education. As a woman with albinism, she is faced with many challenges throughout life.


Kitty was captured by rebel soldiers and witnessed unimaginable horrors as a prisoner. After being trained in farming methods, she can provide for her family.


Condi became pregnant after she was raped. After receiving relevant training, her dream is to study the hotel business and start her own business


Through training and counselling, Pauline is rebuilding her life after she was attacked by rebel soldiers and witnessed her husband's murder.


Bernadette's life changed dramatically after the rebels attacked. After suffering terrible atrocities, Bernadette is rebuilding her life with help from SCIAF.


Joyce was attacked by rebels and they killed her son. After speaking to medical staff and receiving training, her husband does not blame her for what happened.


Each day, Joan lives in fear because of traumatic circumstances that she has suffered in the past. She finds strength in listening to other women's stories.


Iris was betrayed by a friend which resulted in her being drugged, raped, and left unconscious to die. The case was taken to court but is ongoing due to complications.


After Julie was attacked, her husband left her. She was taken to a health centre, who sent her to hospital where she spent 4 years recovering.


After Lila's uncle died, her community accused her of witchcraft. She suffered many injuries and still feels lonely and excluded from other children.