Amal Ahmmad Al Abdallah


Amal's story shows that there can be love and joy after trauma. After pain, fear, and suffering caused by the injustice of war, Amal learns to walk and be happy despite what the war did to her.

Samar Ahmmad Al-Abdallah  moved from Hama to Aleppo because of war. Her husband was a soldier and her house was targeted by the opposing side.


A mortar shell fell on the roof of the house. Samar’s daughter, Amal, had her leg crushed. The leg was amputated and she suffered devastating pain and discomfort. She was unable to gain a prosthetic leg from the doctors, despite many promises.

After being referred to a specialist organisation, Amal was finally fitted with a prosthetic leg in Aleppo and given suitable training to allow her to walk and become independent once more.

Samar and Amar standing

Every time I buy her a doll, she cuts one of its legs off? What will happen to Amal? I wish only the best for my daughter.


Amal is loving being back at school; she is in the first grade.

I like it when the teacher takes care of me. Everyone loves me at school. When I am older, I want to be an artist because doing art helps me be myself. I like to paint figures.

- Amal

At SCIAF, we work with local partners and organisations to repair homes, provide medical assitance, food, and other essentials to our Syrian neighbours. Amal and Samar have receive food baskets from our partners; they thank God for the help they have received.

Help bring joy and peace back into the lives of our Syrian brothers and sisters.

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