Mouhamad Jasem Al-Khalaf


In Syria, during years of bloodshed, many fled their war-torn homes in an attempt to find safety.

Mouhamad Jasem Al Khalaf and his family suffered years of fear and upheaval born from unpredictable violence. Mouhamad stayed in his home-town of Homs for three years throughout the fighting, but after one of the many falling bombs destroyed his house, his family made the decision to leave. The catastrophic situation in Homs led him to fear for the lives of his wife and children and left them with no choice but to travel to Tadmor to seek refuge. In Tadmor, they lived in a tent for two years then moved in with friends.

Homs destruction

After years of displacement, Mouhamad and his family heard the violence had subsided in Homs, so they began their journey back home - only to be captured in a Kurdish controlled area and forced to live in a camp for two months.

Mouhamad 2

They didn’t know us and wouldn’t let us go. They treated us very badly. We stayed for 20 days out in the open without a tent. It was extremely cold and we didn’t have many blankets…The Kurdish army used to terrify the women by yelling at them and shooting into the air.

After his sister paid for Mouhamad and his family’s release, they returned to a damaged and ransacked home in Homs with no windows, no doors, and no possessions.

I was very sad to see the damage but was happy to be back home. All my life I have worked to provide for my family and get furniture and in a short time it was gone. My home means everything to me and my family. It represents all the hard work we have done in our lives.

From our partners, Mouhamad has received money for windows and doors in his house - which is a great start. He still needs to repair the sink, fix the water and electricity, and repaint the many burnt walls.

Although some people like Mouhamad have returned home, peace is uncertain and many are struggling to survive. In aid of the people of Syria, we are providing essentials and food to families, providing medical assistance, and repairing damaged houses so that people can survive their country's cold winter.

Please remember the Syrian people in your prayers and donate to bring hope back into their lives.