What we do:
  • Emergency Response

Lebanon is a small country struggling to host well over a million Syrian refugees on top of more than 400,000 Palestinian refugees already living in the country. 

The country already has high levels of poverty and unemployment among its own population. With no official refugee camps for Syrians, most of the new arrivals are living in makeshift tented settlements, in cramped apartment blocks, or in abandoned or half-built buildings. The refugees are often living alongside poor Lebanese communities and conflict over scarce resources is never far away.  

We’re working with our partner Caritas Lebanon to provide food, shelter, healthcare and medical supplies to thousands of refugees and poor Lebanese families.  But with the war continuing in Syria, there is no end in sight to the crisis and our help continues to be urgently needed.

We’re also children and teenagers to overcome their traumatic experiences and work with women’s groups to give them a greater voice in their communities.