What we do:
  • Education
  • Emergency Response
  • Livelihoods
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Burundi is the fifth poorest country on the planet. Since independence in 1962 it's been plagued by tension and bloody conflicts between different ethnic groups, and more recently by political instability.

For many years, we've been helping some of the most vulnerable families get comprehensive training in agriculture so they can grow more food and earn a living, as well as pass on what they've learn to their communities. We're also helping orphans and vulnerable children to attend school.

The country’s history of conflict means there are large numbers of refugees and people who have had to leave their homes. We’re helping these vulnerable groups to access healthcare, help their children go to school, return to their homes and get the seeds, tools and training they need to grow food and support themselves. For children whose parents have died in the conflict or as a result of HIV and AIDS we're paying school fees and providing uniforms and books, vocational training when they leave school, and support for foster parents.

Burundi - Sean Sprague 2009