What we do:
  • Education
  • Emergency Response
  • Livelihoods
  • Peace & Justice
Partner Organisations:
Current projects:

Up to 8.5 million people annually have needed emergency food aid in recent years, with up to 3.6 million moderately malnourished children suffering from severe malnutrition this year. Like many developing countries, Ethiopia suffers severe droughts which routinely destroy the crops and livestock many poor families depend on to survive.

Working alongside our sister charities, CAFOD and Trõcaire, we're providing 'cash for work' so desperately poor families can buy food whilst helping their communities to dig and maintain wells and reservoirs to preserve water. We're also setting up saving and loans groups, and providing training to help vulnerable communities to set up new businesses.

Our work also includes promoting peace between different ethnic groups and providing care and support to thousands of people living with HIV and Aids.