We want a world without poverty, where the poorest can survive and thrive.

Inspired by the Gospel, and guided by Catholic Social Teaching, our mission is to help the poorest free themselves from poverty by equipping them with the tools they need.


Driven by our values - dignity, empowerment, solidarity and hope – we believe in caring for the whole person, including their emotional and spiritual wellbeing, political voice, cultural and community life, as well how they support themselves and their families.

We want a future where everybody can take control of their lives, provide for themselves and their families, learn new skills, live in peaceful communities with power over the decisions that affect them, so they can realise their full human potential.

Partnership is at the heart of what we do.  We work with local organisations and the Church overseas so power is in the hands of local people and expertise stays in the communities where it’s needed most.

At home, we inspire the Scottish public, parishes and schools so that together we can build a better future for all, and put pressure on governments and big business to create a fairer, more peaceful world.

We can end poverty, if we all come together.

Let’s help the poorest survive and thrive.