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SCIAF welcomes new climate change law

26 September 2019

SCIAF welcomes new climate change law - cover - climate strike 2019

SCIAF has hailed the passing of yesterday’s Climate Change Bill as a hugely significant step forward in tackling the Climate Emergency.

Richer countries like Scotland have a moral duty, and the ability to do more, and the charity has welcomed the enshrining of bold new targets into law.

The new Climate Change Act is a huge step forward for climate justice in Scotland.  The bold targets commit us in law to net-zero greenhouse gases by 2045 and 75% reduction by 2030.  This paves the way for urgent action over the next ten years and puts Scotland at the forefront of international effects to combat climate change.  

It was particularly important to see strong cross-party support for this crucial legislation.   We now need to put in place policies to achieve those targets.

SCIAF welcomes new climate change law - climate strike 2019

Our Chief Executive Alistair Dutton said:

"The world’s poorest are already suffering most because of the changing climate. As the first of the industrialised nations to begin burning fossil fuels, Scotland has a particularly strong responsibility to help tackle the climate emergency."

During the process of the Bill political commitment to addressing climate change has dramatically increased as a result of the growing mass movement of people including young people around the world, calling for more urgent action to address climate change. 

With the world coming to Glasgow next year for the major UN climate change conference, this Act sets a strong example to other nations and shows how Scotland is working to implement the Paris Agreement.