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SCIAF wants to bring about change.

We want a fairer world in which everyone is equal and free from poverty – and one of the ways we do this is through our advocacy work. By advocating for change we tackle the deeper issues which keep people poor. We do this here in Scotland and the UK, and we do this in collaboration with our partners overseas and with our sister agencies and networks. 

SCIAF welcomes new climate change law - climate strike 2019

Our four pillared approach to change


Monitoring the policies and practices that influence the lives of those we serve overseas

We monitor policies and practices impacting the lives of those we serve overseas, from the Scottish and UK Government to multilateral bodies like the United Nations, public bodies, and private sector companies.


Using what we know to influence the change we want to see

Our investments in analysis and research equip us with effective tools for bringing about desired changes. This involves identifying influential targets and activities like providing inputs to inquiries, holding lobby meetings, and producing policy briefings.


Engaging and motivating our loyal supporters and campaigners to bring about change

we engage our passionate supporters through actions like signing petitions, contacting influential figures, and participating in mass campaign activities. Collaborating closely, we strive for maximum effectiveness in our collective efforts, whether through e-actions or joining marches and lobbies.


Supporting our partner organisations to influence the policies and practices that affect them

Acting as a global bridge, we ensure partner voices are heard through media and relationships with officials, aiming to create a fairer, more just, peaceful, and environmentally sustainable world.

We are members of a selection of networks and member organisations, allowing us to work with organisations around the world to achieve our goals.