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Transforming lives in Rwanda

17 October 2018

Augstine and Beathe - Nut farmers - Rwanda

Thanks to you, and with support from the UK government, we’ve been working with our partner CDJP Kigali in Rwanda for the last three years to help small scale farmers grow more food and earn an income.

We’ve also provided gender based training, to challenge attitudes towards women’s role in the household and the community. Thanks to you, lives have been transformed.

Beathe and Augstin live in the Eastern Province of Rwanda with their 8 children.

Beathe told us,

“The training taught me how to develop myself. It taught meabout farming and cultivating in the dry seasons. Today, it is very dry, but we can still farm and harvest. We’ve been given every tool we need for the dry season.

We do not lack anything in our family. We have everything we need to be good farmers. My husband received training on gender equality, and is no longer violent towards me. Now, we do everything together. We do farming together. We raise the children together. There is no problem at all.”

Nsabimana Augustine and Niyomizeye Beathe Nut Farmers - Rwanda

Austin explained,

"Because of your help, I’ve cultivated in a dry place and I couldn’t do that before. We used to think every harvest belonged to the men and the women had no rights. Women had to ask their husbands for everything. Being involved in the project taught us that everyone is equal to each other.

"It belongs to both of us, even my wife. Today, we complete each other. Before, we used to fight but now we share everything. We are doing it together. We talk to the other before either of us sells anything.

"Thank you very much. You’ve really helped us. We’ve moved from one level to another. I ask for blessings for you. Please continue to help us."

Our work with CDJP Kigali in Rwanda was helped by your generous donations, and the UK Government aid match scheme.

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