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£100,000 pledged to South Sudan

1 June 2018

South Sudan

We've committed £100,000 of your generous donations to give thousands of desperate people in South Sudan food, shelter and clean water, as fighting continues across the crisis-hit country.

South Sudan is the world’s newest nation but it is also one of the poorest. Almost five years of conflict has forced over three million people from their homes and led to nearly five million people struggling to find enough food to eat.

The UN has declared that parts of the country are now facing famine and has warned that the number of people affected will rise if there isn’t quick action.

That’s why we’ve already sent £30,000 of your donations to Caritas South Sudan’s Emergency Appeal to give 14,000 vulnerable people in seven dioceses the help they so desperately need to survive.

We've pledged a further £30,000 to partners, the Comboni Missionaries in South Sudan. This money will provide emergency food aid to another 2,100 people including those displaced by fighting, disabled, elderly women and children in three of the worst conflict-hit communities. The remaining £40,000 will go to our other partners on the ground providing similar support.

We're urgently looking at what more we can do as the situation is only likely to get worse with heavy rains expected in the coming months.

Please pray for our brothers and sisters living in constant fear and insecurity in South Sudan - the developing’s world’s “forgotten crisis”.