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Double your WEE BOX donation this Lent

29 January 2018

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We're delighted to announce that every pound you donate to our WEE BOX  Lent Appeal will be doubled by the UK government Aid Match scheme – so every £1 you give will become £2.

We urge everyone to take advantage of this amazing offer to make sure your money goes twice as far.

You can help in many different ways either by giving up a favourite treat, like coffee or chocolate, for the 40 days of Lent and putting the money saved in your WEE BOX or by holding a fundraising event.

Money raised during the appeal goes to our life-changing work in Africa, Asia and Latin America and helps some of the poorest people in the world living with hunger, poverty and disease, as well as those affected by disasters.

This year the WEE BOX appeal tells the story of our work with families living in one of the poorest provinces of rural Cambodia, Stung Treng. On your WEE BOX you'll see Phong Lang, his wife Toma and their five children. The Langs depend on fishing and farming to survive, but illegal fishing in their waters meant they could catch enough fish to feed themselves. Working with our local partners we've been able to help the Langs stand up for their rights, protect their waters, and ensure they have enough to eat.

This year with UK Aid Match we can offer a hand up, not a handout, to many more people who just like the Lang family struggle to survive.