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Recovering from conflict in El Salvador

28 November 2017

Tina Andaverde Hernandez El Salvador

Tina’s life was changed beyond recognition in the war.

Her husband and two of her children were killed in the fighting and, after being caught up in a bomb blast, she suffered life changing injuries. A small piece of shrapnel blinded Tina in her left eye and the impact of the blast left her with permanent short-term memory loss.

"It’s very difficult. It’s not the same to see with only one eye. I always have a headache. It never goes away."

After the war ended, Tina tried to rebuild her life. However, her disabilities meant she wasn’t able to find work. Her income wasn’t regular and there were some days when the family simply didn’t have enough to eat.

Thankfully, Tina received help from SCIAF’s partner in El Salvador, CESTA . They gave her training and provided seeds, tools and a small loan to grow a vegetable garden. Today, Tina grows a variety of organic fruit and vegetables and no longer has to worry about having enough to eat.

El Salvador Case Studies Tina Andaverde Hernandez. jpeg

Our partner CESTA also set up a disability association in Tina’s community. Its 50 members receive training on their rights and how to fight for government services. Today, Tina is a member of the Board of Directors and helps to administer the association’s Microfinance Fund, giving life changing, low interest, loans to members to help them start their own businesses.

"It would be difficult to imagine life without SCIAF and CESTA and all the possibilities they have opened up for me. I am very happy, content and grateful for all the support. Christ loved the people, just like the people of Scotland love the poor and fight for them to have a better life."