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Scottish Government commits to bold climate action

4 September 2017

Campaign protest march SCIAF Climate Justice Now

Great news! Today the First Minister listened to thousands of campaigners from across Scotland and committed her Government to taking bold action to tackle climate change.

With our friends at Stop Climate Chaos Scotland we called on the Government to urgently tackle emissions from transport – currently Scotland’s biggest polluter. And this afternoon, the First Minister announced Scotland will phase out all new fossil fuel vehicles from 2032 and will double the budget for walking and cycling from £40m to £80m.

At the same time, the First Minister addressed another key ask from campaigners and created a Just Transition Commission to help Scotland make the move towards a fair and fossil-free future.

These actions go some way to demonstrating Scotland’s intention to do its fair share to protect our common home. And they wouldn’t have been possible without you!

Thank you to all who have taken action so far!