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Pakistan flood response – one year on

12 September 2023

Pakistan emergency

A year has passed since Pakistan was plunged into a humanitarian crisis following catastrophic flooding. 

As world leaders addressed COP27 in Egypt to try to reinvigorate stalled global climate talks, survivors of Pakistan’s heaviest flooding in living memory faced a health crisis, with stagnating floodwaters fuelling a rise in malaria, dengue, and diarrhoea. The unprecedented scale of the disaster turbo-charged pre-summit calls for climate reparations. 

The flooding claimed the lives of almost 2,000 people and affected more than 33 million. Thanks to your generous donations, and the support of the Scottish Government, we were able to raise £150,000 for those most in need. 

This humanitarian disaster represented yet another devastating consequence of climate change. Torrential monsoon rains followed a severe heatwave and left millions without access to basics such as food, water and shelter. 

Just days after the disaster unfolded we launched an emergency appeal and, as ever, our supporters reached out in love to our sisters and brothers in need. 

As part of the international Caritas network, we were able to respond immediately. Working with our local partner Caritas Pakistan, we contributed to a programme that reached 13,500 households, in 17 flood-affected districts, providing immediate relief with shelter, cooked meals, kits to help them stay clean as well as healthcare and education. 

SCIAF’s Emergency Technical Lead Mark Adams said:

“Caritas Pakistan are experts in their field and have many years’ experience working with communities in Pakistan during other emergency responses, so we had every faith in their ability to respond quickly and effectively. 

“This was always meant to be a short-term response, but within that time we were able to support families when they needed it most, by providing temporary shelter, meals, and access to clean water as well as hygiene products to stay clean and free from disease, with the back-up of healthcare facilities when they were needed. 

“Once again I wish to thank the Scottish Government and our generous supporters for supporting us to care for those who found themselves in the darkest of situations.” 

Thank you for helping us to reach out in loving kindness to our sisters and brothers in Pakistan in their hour of darkness. Please remember them in your prayers as they continue to rebuild their lives. 

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