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Gaza update from our friends at Caritas Jerusalem

13 December 2023

Peace Emergency Graphic

The recent pause in hostilities gave our colleagues in Caritas Jerusalem (CJ) a short window to provide healthcare to some of the most vulnerable communities in Southern Gaza. 

Tragically, that window has now closed and the delivery of life-saving aid is now no longer feasible. The Caritas Jerusalem Health Center itself has been partially destroyed by shelling. 

During the short truce, CJ mobilised three medical teams to work in Khan Younis, Deir Al Balah and Rafah. After clearing debris, they set up ad-hoc primary clinics to start receiving patients. Despite the hurdles in their way, they managed to provide basic medical services including screening, blood tests and other medical interventions. 

SCIAF’s emergency technical lead Mark Adams said:

“Our CJ colleagues have shown unwavering determination and heroic efforts. Many have themselves suffered loss, trauma and displacement. Two Caritas Jerusalem staff members have been killed, along with nine immediate family members. Yet they find the strength to go out in the field to help others. We send our heartfelt admiration and gratitude to them. 

“Sadly the truce is now over. Please join us in praying for a complete and immediate ceasefire, and the immediate release of all hostages, so that meaningful humanitarian assistance can resume, and the immense suffering can come to an end.”