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Monthly Prayer: February 2024

Rwanda 2023 Father Rurenga NARCISSE Medium

As we enter the Holy period of Lent on the 14th of February, we seek and serve God through prayer, almsgiving and fasting. We hope, as we look ahead to the resurrection of our Lord, that this Lenten period will be a blessing to you.

Our prayer this month comes as a reflection video from our WEE BOX appeal. The combination of Rwandan traditional music and song, with readings from pupils of St Aidan’s High in Wishaw will bring you hope and a time of reflection.

Let us...

Give thanks that Jesus drew strength from His Father, and from Scripture, to remain strong in His time of temptation. Ask God to help sustain you also.

Pray for the people of Rwanda who have suffered much. Physical, psychological and emotional scars remain from the awful actions of the genocide 30 years ago.

Pray particularly for the women and girls who have experienced - and still suffer from - sexual and gender based violence. Pray that SCIAF’s partners are able to provide essential help and long-term support.

Pray for the Church in Rwanda and the partnerships they make with other faith-based organisations. Pray that they continue to make great strides in gender equity as they educate and work with communities.

Pray that we, as servants of God, respond with action as well as words to the injustices we see in our world.