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WEE Vote, BIG Voice

11 June 2024

Wee Vote big voice

A reflection after the announcement of a UK General Election from CEO Lorraine Currie as we launch our supporter manifesto.

We are fortunate enough to live in a democracy; one person, one vote. It’s something our forefathers (and mothers!) fought for and we really need to make it count. 

And once again, on 4th July, we are faced with an important decision. 

As SCIAF supporters, this is our chance to come together and make each vote count towards fighting injustice. 

SCIAF is not party political, we will never ask our supporters to vote for a particular party or a particular candidate. That’s not our place. 

But we will ask our supporters to consider what matters to them in the fight for a better world and have these at the front of their mind in this vital pre-election period. 

What’s at stake? 

As a rich and powerful country, the UK could be a force for good in the world. Yet, the UK continues to fall short on climate action, to protect big businesses rather than the rights of the poorest people, and to offer less and less overseas support to those who are suffering most.   

The next UK Government must address the issues that are affecting the poorest communities in the world – those impacted by injustices such as climate change, food shortages, corporate exploitation and conflict.   

Key issues for SCIAF at this election

SCIAF have launched a manifesto, detailing what matters to us – Food Justice, Climate Action and a plan for lasting peace in the Middle East. 

Read Supporter Manifesto

The food system is broken. The world produces more than enough food for everyone, yet 2.4 billion people on earth don’t have access to the food they need. Something needs to change. 

We need to fix the broken food system to make sure everyone, everywhere is free from hunger. 

As Catholics, we also care for our planet and want to protect it for future generations. We need policies that prioritise tackling climate change, after all it's countries like ours that caused it in the first place. 

People in the countries SCIAF works urgently need this transition, as they are already suffering from cyclones, droughts, floods and heatwaves caused by greenhouse gases.  

The current conflict in the Middle East has been raging for eight long months now. An estimated 1,390 Israelis were killed or taken hostage on that awful day of October 7, while the death toll of Palestinians killed in its wake now exceeds 36,400, many of whom were children. 

We all have a moral obligation to do everything in our power to put an end to the killing and the suffering.  

Our next UK Government must prioritise and redouble efforts to end the current conflict in the Holy Land and work together with the international community to create a just and lasting peace for all parties. 

How can you make a difference?  

So, what can we as individuals do to make sure our voices are heard? 

  • You can challenge your candidates on the doorstep on these issues and more. 
  •  You can attend local hustings and raise questions on an injustice you would most like addressed.  
  • You can campaign - Use SCIAF’s campaign website to send a message to your candidates, highlighting our manifesto demands. 

Please join us in raising your voice and make your vote count. There are over 700,000 Catholics in Scotland and the General Election on 4th July is an opportunity to bring attention to the issues that matter to us in terms of global justice.  At the heart of these issues are human beings with dignity, families and dreams.