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SCIAF to provide humanitarian relief for Ethiopian conflict

9 March 2021


Through the Scottish Government, SCIAF will receive £113,450 from the Humanitarian Emergency Fund (HEF) to provide urgent humanitarian relief to thousands of people caught in the conflict.

More than 1.3 million people are in need of urgent humanitarian aid after conflict erupted late last year in northern Ethiopia. Fighting continues to be reported across the region and hundreds of thousands of people now have limited access to basic commodities.

International Development Minister Jenny Gilruth said: 

"The situation in Tigray is extremely concerning, with many facing rising hunger. The conflict has exacerbated an already fragile situation impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and a lost harvest due to a locust infestation. Our HEF stands ready to help when confronted with such a pressing emergency. The Scottish Government is committed to fulfilling its role as a responsible and compassionate global citizen, and this aid will provide essential help to those in desperate need."

SCIAF Director, Alistair Dutton said: 

"We welcome this grant from the Scottish Government’s HEF to help thousands of people who have been affected by the violent conflict in Tigray and who are in need of emergency humanitarian assistance."

We will supply funds for immediate assistance to those who have lost their homes. Working with the Ethiopian Catholic Church and our local partners, who have stayed with their people throughout the fighting, despite the danger to themselves, we’ve been able to provide shelter, mattresses and other essential items like blankets and cooking utensils to men, women and children who have fled the fighting and are experiencing unimaginable suffering.