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Could your parish be an eco-congregation?

On the front line of the climate crisis, droughts, floods and extreme weather events are destroying lives, and leaving people with little or no food and water. Yet, here in Scotland, our lifestyles are making these problems worse, propelling global warming and increasing the suffering of our poorest sisters and brothers. 

To tackle this injustice, there are lots of ways we can act, including encouraging your parish to go green and registering as an eco-congregation!


By registering as an eco-congregation, your parish must formally declare its intention to care for the environment and all of God’s creation. Once enrolled, your parish can then work to achieve Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards, each of which require various levels of commitment. 

Throughout this eco-journey, parishes are encouraged to reflect ‘care for creation’ regularly in worship, drawing on encyclicals such as Laudato Si’, and must engage actively with environmental issues in congregational life. 

Archbishop Nolan, Fr Chiti, Alistair Dutton

Support from SCIAF 

We can support your parish to go green and become an eco-congregation by: 

  • Providing further information and support on how to register as an eco-congregation
  • Offering talks and taking part in environmentally focused events 
  • Giving updates on the newly created Care of Creation office
  • Putting you in touch with other parishes who have already started the process. 

Further information 

SCIAF produces learning materials which explore the integral connection between our faith and care for our Common Home. Check out the following resources:

Read more on the Eco-Congregation Scotland website

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