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Catherine, Zambia 2024 campaign

Time to Pay the Bill

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The climate emergency is devastating many of the world's poorest places.

Floods, droughts and storms are happening more often, and are more severe than ever. It is destroying land, lives and livelihoods. This is Loss and Damage - the technical term for the impacts of climate change, just like the drought in Zambia.

World leaders have agreed to pay for the damage they have caused through the climate emergency. An initial pot of money worth almost $700  million was pledged at COP28. But it is yet to start reaching communities in need, including Zambia.

Father Chiti from Zambia
We must stand up to this climate injustice as one human family. Please stand in solidarity by praying, acting and giving now!

Fr Chiti, SCIAF Partner, Zambia

We are calling on the board of the Loss and Damage Fund to: 

  1. Urgently agree a plan to start spending this fund, helping families on the frontlines of the climate crisis 
  2. Support projects that help fix the food system, building back better from disasters 
  3. Agree an honest figure for the full scale of funding needed to tackle climate change, and call on the world leaders to fill this fund far into the future 

Sign our petition today to add your voice and together we can show world leaders that we expect them to keep their promises. It's time to pay the bill for Loss and Damage.  

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