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Eleven years on, the Syrian civil war continues, and while fighting has reduced, the impact of the conflict remains devastating. More than half of the 21 million population remains displaced inside Syria or in neighbouring countries. Since the beginning of the conflict, 6.6 million Syrians have left their country and a further 6.7 million are internally displaced. It is the largest forced displacement crisis in the world, accounting for 25 per cent of the global refugee population.  

Almost the entire population of Syria (80%) now lives below the poverty line and an estimated three million have some form of disability or lifelong impairment due to a combination of violence and a broken health system.  

Syria’s neighbours have borne much of the burden. Lebanon, itself in the midst of a political and economic crisis that has thrown more than half of the country’s population below the poverty line, is host to over one million Syrian refugees. 

Rebuilding Syria 3We’ve been there since 2016 and we’re still there, ensuring essential access to food, water and safe places to stay for the most vulnerable people. Together with our partners, we’re helping families to rebuild homes and livelihoods damaged and destroyed in the violent conflict, and helping refugees to rebuild their lives across Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. 

COVID-19 has also presented major challenges in Syria and more recently a cholera outbreak has spread throughout the region.

Focus of our work

  • Emergency supplies: Providing essential support to communities, including food baskets and emergency cash
  • Rebuild & recover: Helping communities to rebuild their homes, infrastructure and communities
  • Health & hygiene: Enabling families to access and pay for medical expenses and equipment and fund life-saving surgery in hospital
  • Livelihoods: Working with vulnerable communities to set up businesses and providing grants and toolkits to encourage economic recovery
  • Protection: Encouraging psychosocial recovery amongst the most vulnerable groups such as women, children and the elderly through awareness sessions and by creating child-friendly spaces.

million people have fled their homes as a result of the Syrian war


million people worldwide have been by displaced by war, persecution, and violence - the highest on record

4 out of 5

Syrian refugees are children

1 in 5

Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan has a disability

3 in 10

Syrian children under the age of five have not received routine vaccinations

8 out of 10

children in Syria are in need of humanitarian assistance

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In Homs and Aleppo, I have witnessed what the total devastation of a city means. From the rooftop of a building, as far as I can see, the landscape is full of buildings that have been ripped apart, some down to the ground.

Hombeline Dulière SCIAF and CAFOD’s Syria Crisis Programme Manager 

20220722 130636
I struggle to imagine how many people have been killed by bombs and shelling, or trapped under collapsed buildings, how many parents have been forced to leave everything behind to save themselves and their children from indiscriminate bombardment.

Hombeline Dulière SCIAF and CAFOD’s Syria Crisis Programme Manager 

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