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Talented Fundraisers

Talented Fundraisers thumbnail 2023

Year Published 2023

Publisher SCIAF

Language English

Content type Schools

Topics Fundraising

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Talented Fundraisers is a resource that has Scripture at its core, and encourages action through enterprise.

A SCIAF speaker will come to your school to launch the resource by leading a short session looking at the Parable of the Talents. This session includes a drama and group work where we explore the theme of enterprise, and how the young people can use their talents to serve God and others.

After the launch the young people will be entrusted with £50 to invest in their enterprise. Using their gifts, talents and time, they will increase that investment by as much as they can. The project runs from August-December.

All the money is then returned to SCIAF to support our work providing long term development and emergency help to people in 27 countries.

The Talented Fundraisers resource has been used successfully as a Caritas project for 6th year, a Pope Francis Faith Award project and it also covers many E’s and O’s throughout the year groups.

Download the resource today and get in touch to book your Talented Fundraisers launch session by emailing

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