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Invisible water activity

climate change

Year Published 2021

Publisher SCIAF

Language English

Content type Schools

Topics Water

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This quiz challenges students to determine how many litres of water are needed to make many of our favourite everyday items. Do you know how much water is used in the production of everyday items? Take our Invisible water quiz and find out! 

Quiz Guidelines

  • Take our Invisible Water Quiz  Kahoot! today
  • Pause between each question for discussion.

Invisible Water pdf guidelines

  • Alternatively, print off a few copies of the ‘Invisible Water’ answers sheet  from the ‘Teachers Notes’ pdf to hand out
  • Cut out the list of items and hand to groups - make sure that the children are given the list without the ‘litres of water’ indicated!
  • Ask them to sort the items from the item that uses the most water in its production to the item that uses the least
  • After 5 minutes, hand out the ‘litres of water’ list so that the pupils can match them to their items
  • After another 5 minutes, reveal the answers
  • Use the ‘Teachers Notes’ pdf to guide a discussion.

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