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Emergency Response Resource for schools

Emergency response resource thumbnail

Year Published 2022

Publisher SCIAF

Language English

Content type Schools

Topics Emergencies

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Resources for Primary and Secondary level looking at SCIAF’s response during an international crisis. Includes lesson plans with videos and PowerPoints to share with your class.


Aimed at upper primary this new resource looks at SCIAF’s response during an international crisis.

The lesson plan will help you explore SCIAF’s emergency work, the impact of natural disasters on people and planet, and how we’re called to care for creation.

After you have completed both lessons in this resource pack, SCIAF will visit with a giant board game. The interactive game is designed to help pupils understand the impact of a natural disaster and SCIAF’s response.


This new Secondary resource looks at SCIAF’s response during a natural or man-made disaster.

The first lesson focuses on Church Teachings on poverty, and how they inform SCIAF’s response to an international crisis. The second lesson then encourages pupils to discuss and evaluate the effectiveness of SCIAF’s emergency response.

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