Climate Justice: Called to Care for Creation

This resource provides learners with the real-life perspective on the effects of climate change on people and planet. It shares the voices of SCIAF partners who live in the world’s poorest countries, and who are most affected by climate change, but have done least to cause the problem.

Climate Justice weaves together the principles of environmental, economic and social justice offering solutions to climate injustice through sustainable development and advocacy.

There are six activities for N4/5 within this resource, exploring these themes through global case studies, videos and games plus three deep dive for N5 tasks within certain activities. All of which will deepen the learning on the effects of climate change on SCIAF partners and provide learners with opportunities to respond in prayer and action. Contact with questions, and to give any feedback on this resource.

This resource includes: 

  • Lesson plan (pdf)
  • A prayer for our earth (pdf)
  • Activity 1
    Called to Care for Creation
    - Called to care for creation (PPT)
    - Agreement line (pdf)
  • Activity 2
    Vulnerability Analysis
    - Vulnerability Analysis (pdf)
  • Activity 3
    Climate Emergency
    - Climate Emergency Game (PPT)
    - Climate Emergency Game Pack (pdf)
    - Climate Emergency in El Salvador (pdf)
    - Climate Change in El Salvador (video)
  • Activity 4
    Climate Justice
    - Climate justice is vital (pdf)
  • Activity 5
    Climate Hero
    - Climate Hero (PPT)
  • Activity 6
    Act in Hope
    - Act in Hope (pdf)


Lesson Plan (PDF, 860 KB)
A prayer for our earth (PDF, 560 KB)
1. Activity 1 (ZIP, 7.07 MB)
2. Activity 2 (PDF, 684 KB)
3. Activity 3 (ZIP, 35.2 MB)
4. Activity 4 (PDF, 447 KB)
5. Activity 5 (PPTX, 4.22 MB)
6. Activity 6 (PDF, 381 KB)