Promoting Integral Human Development in the light of the Gospel

This resource is designed to be used within the parish to encourage group participation and further an understanding of Integral Human Development (IHD).

Over two workshops, parishioners will discuss, watch videos and pray together, learning more about IHD and how it works in practice for SCIAF.

Download the resource leaflet below and then download the workshop folders that include the leaders’ guide, presentations and group activities.

“This resource will equip parishioners with knowledge about IHD, but also with engaging ways to look at this theme together through workshops that include discussion, video and prayer. Inspired by the teaching of Pope Francis, I commend this way of looking at our world and its pains.”

 - Bishop Joseph Toal, Bishop President of SCIAF   

Please email if you’d like any support to deliver the workshops or if you have any questions about the resource.

Let us know how you get on with the workshops. We welcome feedback!

This resource includes:

  • Resource leaflet 
  • Workshop 1 
  • Workshop 2


Resource leaflet (PDF, 950 KB)
Workshop 1 (ZIP, 850 MB)
Workshop 2 (ZIP, 1.41 GB)