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Water for a Village

Make a real difference by coming together as a group to purchase SCIAF's Real Gift of Water for a Village.

Water is the most basic and vital need of all, but it’s scarce and unpredictable in many of the world’s poorest communities. Families without clean water are trapped in a deadly cycle of poverty, poor health and premature death.

By coming together and raising £1,088 you can provide life-changing access to water, including building wells and lakes, and implementing irrigation systems so the whole village can benefit – now and into the future.

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Mortikana Ethiopia
We no longer have to walk for six hours every day. I can look after my children at home and send them to school with water to keep them hydrated and focused. They are clean every day now - we all are. I think our future is certainly brighter now

Mortikana Ethiopia

Thanks to Water for a Village a new underground water source was installed next to Mortikana's home. The tank fills during the rainy season and is protected from evaporation with a cement roof.

Your parish can change lives with the Real Gift of Water for a Village.

If you would like more information about Water for a Village, please speak to SCIAF’S Community Engagement Team on 0141 354 5555 or email