Amas Abedi Mawalango

Democractic Republic of Congo

Amas lost everything when his family of twelve was forced to flee his village during armed clashes in the Democractic Republic of Congo (DRC).

His house was destroyed and his properly looted. Left with nowhere to live and no way to make a living, Amas and his family were completely reliant on hand outs from others.

“We left everything when we fled. We didn’t have blankets or mats to sleep on. We had to beg for food.”

Thankfully, Amas recieved support from SCIAF’s local partner Popli Fratelli. Thanks to you, and the Scottish Government’s Humanitarian Emergency Fund, Amas’ family received food and household items like pots and pans. He was also given tools to grow his own food, so that his family can support themselves in future,

“We received food for three months, but also farming tools and seeds. The village chief gave me a field and I’m able to cultivate it and, in a few weeks, I’ll make my first harvest. My family will continue to have food.

“My children are healthy now. We weren’t able to stay clean before and my children got skin diseases. But now we have clothes and soap.

The words ‘thank you’ are too small to express my gratitude to you.”