Thouraya Masoud


In Homs, over 200,000 people are living in homes that are unsafe, damaged and in desperate need of repair. One woman, Thouraya Masoud, along with her son, Ali, stayed in Homs throughout the fighting.

In the ferocious violence of the conflict, their home was destroyed. Mortar shells and gunshots left holes in the roof, shattered windows and destroyed walls.

Thouraya told me the building next to her was destroyed. A mother and her children died. Thouraya saw their bodies being taken from the house. Another neighbour also died in the attack.

Syria Appeal Ali and Thouraya

We were trapped here… we thought about running away but where would we go? 

 - Thouraya

Ali al Saleh

Fear controlled us and we became very sensitive to any noise that reminds us of the fighting.

 - Ali

Thanks to our partners, Thouraya and Ali's home is getting repaired and made safe to live in: they have new windows and tiles on the floor, freshly plastered walls, and their balcony has been rebuilt.

Please donate to give people like Thouraya and Ali a chance to survive, thrive, and rebuild their lives. 

Your donations can make a huge difference:


  • £20 can provide medical assistance for someone who needs it for one month.
  • £43 can provide food and other necessities for a family for one month 
  • Light repairs to a house cost £484 
  • Medium house repairs are £1042
  • Heavy repairs to a house cost £1720