By generously giving your time and money in 2020, you allowed us to spend over £7 million on 138 projects, working with more than 90 overseas partners, in 29 countries. You helped 2.2 million people to have a brighter future.


people now grow food and earn money to support themselves and their families.


people now live in peace and have access to justice.


people were provided with emergency relief when disaster struck.


We moved quickly to support our partners and the communities they work with during the pandemic, making funds available from our reserves to pay their staff, re-design projects to comply with local COVID-19 regulations, and purchase PPE. In addition, we contributed towards 22 specific COVID-19 relief projects, providing over £210,000 to protect the most at-risk groups.

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The Scottish Government established a Climate Justice Fund in 2012 to support communities in countries such as Malawi, Zambia and Rwanda to adapt to a changing world. For the past five years, this fund was capped at £3 million per year - which we felt was not enough to tackle the increasing scale and severity of the climate emergency. However, thanks to your support and our partnership with Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, the Scottish Government has now committed to doubling this amount to £6 million. Through your continued hard work on this issue, which culminated in the recent 'Share, Show, Shout' campaign, you demonstrated your passion for action through posts on social media, letters to MSPs and attendance at virtual meetings. 

Thank you for campaigning for climate justice!

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Millions of people around the world have been offered a hand up out of poverty because of your love and compassion.

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