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Success in Uganda

25 February 2022

Kanonko Village, Lugazi, Uganda

In Uganda, we’ve been working with farming communities to help them advocate for change and claim support they’re due from the government. Trying out new ways to support farmers, this project has led to significant results and is equipping communities for long-term change.

In Uganda, farmers are entitled to receive technical advice from local government to help improve their crops. The advice should cover which pesticides to use or, for example, what seeds are best to plant each year. But this support – which is known as ‘extension services’ – is not always available to farming families. Without it, these extremely poor communities often lack the knowledge, inputs and services they need to grow varied and large amounts of food, which are essential to feed their families, and to sell to earn an income.  

Yet, thanks to your support, we’ve been working with our partner Caritas Lugazi in Uganda to support local farmers to raise up their voices, claim their rights, and help them campaign for better government support for their farms.  

We provided training and support so they could voice their concerns to the relevant people in government, and encourage them to provide the tools and knowledge they need for their farms to flourish.  

Kizito George, Project Co-Ordinator at Caritas Lugazi, added: 

"Thanks to our support, the farmers we work with have been able to acquire new knowledge and technologies which will help them to improve their practices, and grow more food."

Thanks to you, we have provided families with the tools they need to grow more crops, and eat a healthier diet in areas affected by climate change and extreme weather.  

Your love and compassion have provided our sisters and brothers in Uganda with the foundations to take better control of their lives and build a brighter future.   

Thank you for putting your faith into action!