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We pray for the lives lost in Malawi

24 February 2022

Storm Ana - Malawi

*An earlier version of this story stated that 11 people had died. We have since been updated that 6 people, who were presumed dead after their boat capsized, have been found alive in a camp for displaced people. We thank you for your prayers.

SCIAF are extremely saddened to share the news that 5 people who were part of SCIAF’s work in Malawi, have died as a result of Tropical Storm Ana.

May they rest in peace.  

They were involved in SCIAF’s Climate Challenge Programme Malawi, a programme run with funding from the Scottish Government, and implemented with sister agency Trócaire and seven local partners, which is improving access to food, water and energy for tens of thousands of people in southern Malawi.  

The storm, which hit the country in late January, has caused widespread, devastating damage. In some villages, most homes have been wiped out, with food, livestock and people’s personal belongings now gone with the floods. Thousands of people are displaced and living in camps with nowhere to go. 

On top of the impact of the storm, the country is now facing heavy rains. This is causing further flooding. It is growing season right now in Malawi. With crops damaged, more people will go hungry without support.   

SCIAF is committed to helping the people of Malawi through this challenging period.

SCIAF’s Chief Executive, Alistair Dutton, said,  

“We are deeply saddened to learn that 5 people who SCIAF is working with in Malawi have died as a result of the recent storm. May they rest in peace. 

“Their families and loved ones are in our thoughts at this sad time and we pray that they will find consolation in their grief. 

“We stand together in friendship with the people of Malawi as they pick up the pieces following the recent devastation. 

“SCIAF will work closely with our local partners to do as much as we can to help people recover.” 

Our thoughts and prayers are with the loved ones of those who were lost.