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Providing emergency relief in South Sudan

11 February 2022

South Sudan

Thanks to a generous donation of £120,500 from the Scottish Government, we’ve been able to provide essential relief to over 10,000 people suffering from extreme hunger in South Sudan. 

Intense floods, conflict and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic meant that many families were left without food to eat. Over a two-month period, our partner organisation SEM (Sudan Evangelical Mission), provided food and other essential supplies to over 10,000 people living with disabilities. In addition to delivering emergency food packages to 1,300 households, the project also provided seed packs so families could re-grow their crops, and soap to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  

Emergency Relief in South Sudan

Agnes Zina is 48 years old and a mother of 5. Her family’s income comes from farming their crops, but these were washed away by the floods. Before receiving support from SEM, Agnes cooked for survival – often looking for wild fruits and leaves to provide one meal a day. Her family were hungry, “Sometimes, it was hard for them to even come out of their rooms due to hunger that had weakened their bodies”, she recalled.  

We now eat twice a day, we are healthy and clean and the children are happy - Agnes Zina

Agnes and her family were provided with emergency food supplies, various seeds to plant and soap to stay clean. Now, Agnes says her children are happy – they have two good meals a day and everyone is in good health. They’re working on planting the seeds they received so that they’ll have enough food for the future.  

32-year-old Cicilia Umojuma Tito also received essential relief. Looking after a family of six was tough for Cicilia, and she often had to skip meals in order to get by. Now, her family has the resources and energy to plant crops, she told us, “We are now healthy and we are able to plant crops in our garden, as farming is the only source of income in our family.” 

Thanks to your generosity, and funding from the Scottish Government, we’ve been able to support people like Agnes and Cicilia to feed their families and re-build their lives.