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Emeldah's story

26 August 2022

Emeldah - Zambia 2022 - cover

“Things used to be very tough. We only ate once a day. We literally had nothing. I thought we might die."

Growing enough crops to survive is becoming very difficult in rural areas of Kabwe, Zambia. The erratic weather, as well as the rising costs of products like chemical fertilizer and cooking oil, means people are struggling to access the food they need to feed their families. 

But thanks to you, and funding from the Scottish Government, we’ve supported hundreds of families to increase their income and food security through our Kumena project. 

Through the project, implemented by our local partner Caritas Kabwe, 50-year-old Emeldah has learnt techniques to grow crops that can cope with the impacts of climate change, like droughts and floods. She’s also gained the skills to start her own business selling her crops, which has transformed the lives of her whole family. 

Emeldah - Zambia 2022 2

Thanks to SCIAF, I now grow many different vegetables and crops. I make enough to eat and sell, and I even give some to others in the community who are in need. By selling some of my harvest, I also bought an animal-drawn plough and a solar light system for my house.

With a particular emphasis on supporting female headed households, the Kumena project also offers training in money management and savings, as well as classes for women to learn to read and write.

I couldn’t sign my name before, it was tough. But now I teach literacy. I also learnt how to save money through the women’s society. I have already saved enough to build a bigger house.

Emeldah - Zambia 2022 - testimonial
I have learnt so many skills. I am so grateful. May God bless those who support SCIAF, since they extended their hands to help me.

Emeldah SCIAF project participant