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Sewing the future back together

2 September 2022

Susan - Malawi 2022

Susan became pregnant at 21, and had to stop her formal education. When her daughter Emily was born, she was not able to provide for her as a single mother – food and money were short, and healthcare was out of reach.

Susan had all but lost hope.

Yet, thanks to you, Susan enrolled on a skills training course for young people in southern Malawi run by SCIAF partner CADECOM Mangochi. The training provided an opportunity to learn vocations such as hairdressing, tailoring, carpentry and motorbike mechanics.

Susan - Malawi 2022 2
SCIAF could have helped anyone, but they came to help us and I am very grateful for that.

Susan SCIAF project participant

Susan opted to focus on tailoring and soon became a top performer in her class. Today, she can design and sew clothes for people in the community.

"Before I started the training, I had no hope for the future. Whenever I thought about my situation, I become very worried. But now, I can’t wait to open a shop, sew clothes and earn a living for my daughter and mother. I am so excited about the future.

I want to thank SCIAF for helping me move towards my dream of being an independent woman."