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SCIAF wins international award for climate change work 

9 February 2023

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SCIAF has received international recognition for its work in relation to climate change campaigning on behalf of people in some of the poorest countries in the world. 

We won the Caritas Europa’s Sustainability Award for its work on Loss and Damage, particularly in the lead up to COP26 and COP27. 

 ‘Loss and Damage’ refers to the negative consequences of climate change on human societies and the natural environment. 

Ben Wilson SCIAF
We worked closely with partners across the world to influence governments and church leaders to champion the issue, contributing to the success of COP27 with the establishment of the Loss & Damage Fund. 

Ben Wilson SCIAF Advocacy Manager

Ben Wilson SCIAF
Many of the countries where SCIAF works are already suffering huge loss & damage as a result of climate change. Some of the poorest people in the world now have to endure more and more extreme weather - heatwaves, devastating droughts, catastrophic flooding and cyclones.

Ben Wilson SCIAF Advocacy Manager

Ben Wilson SCIAF
The Loss & Damage Fund agreed at COP27 must quickly get up and running to help these communities recover from the devastating impacts of climate crisis that they did not cause.

Ben Wilson SCIAF Advocacy Manager

At COP26, the Scottish Government became the first country in the world to explicitly commit finance to Loss & Damage. This money is already helping people across the world to recover from extreme weather events, and it is hoped that how Scotland has spent Loss & Damage funding can inform the global Loss & Damage Fund agreed at COP27 in Egypt last year. 

Ben added:

“The award we received was for innovation & sustainability. The innovation mostly related to how we worked together with partners across the SCIAF global family - including in Malawi, Zambia and Cambodia - to build the case for Loss & Damage action at home and abroad. Progress in tackling the causes and consequences of climate change can only come with strong global partnerships across the world.

“The prize will go towards a conference to be held in Malawi later this year that will bring together governments, researchers and development workers from across Africa to learn more about Loss & Damage and what the new fund established at COP27 should look like.”