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A charity run with a difference

17 May 2024

Chris MacLullich running

Lots of people run for their favourite charity, but Chris MacLullich from Benbecula did things a little differently – notching up his 200km between his home island and the plains of Africa.

Chris (53), SCIAF Programme Officer, made his mind up to complete our Big Lent Walk, even though he knew he would be away with work in Malawi.

Chris said:

“I’ve always liked the idea that doing something positive for others, during Lent is important. I’ve sometimes given up something like beer or chocolate but this year I signed up to the Big Lent Walk and committed to running 200km before Easter.

“Work took me to Malawi for a few weeks, where I was visiting some SCIAF projects. I was delighted to be joined by Cosmos, our driver and also a keen 50+ runner, for early morning runs to try to make a dent in the kilometres while I was there.

“Running in the mountains of Zomba and through the maize fields of Phalombe and the tea estates of Mulanje is very different from running at home along the beaches, fields, and hills of Uist, but it was good to make the effort in both places. It was certainly a bit warmer!

“It was amazing to see my sponsors pledging funds and I was able to raise my target from £300 to £1,000 which I passed by the end with a total of £1,090. It’s great to know that these donations will support very vulnerable affected by gender-based violence in Rwanda.”