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Fr Gabriel reunited with his congregation in Gaza

24 May 2024

Fr romanelli gaza

News has reached us that Fr Gabriel is back with his congregation in Gaza City.

For those of you who followed the story of Fr Gabriel Romanelli’s visit to Glasgow at the end of April, this will no doubt come as welcome news.

That day Fr Gabriel spoke movingly about being separated from his flock at the Holy Family Church since the terrible events of October 7 last year. He had been in Bethlehem getting medication for one of the parish’s nuns when the violence erupted.

Since then, he’s been unable to get back into Gaza – until now. His return to Gaza was eagerly awaited by his community, and they are overjoyed to have him back with them.

Since his return, Fr Gabriel has been visited by Cardinal Pierbattista Pizzaballa, who brought a message of hope and solidarity to the Christian community of Gaza, during these challenging times.

SCIAF Chief Executive Lorraine Currie said:

“Fr Gabriel is one of these people who once you meet, you will never forget. His warmth lit up the Concert Hall and the Cathedral on 26 April and his love for his congregation and the wider Gazan community shone through.

“His many friends here at SCIAF are delighted he’s back in his parish and pray he stays safe in these most precarious of times.”