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Emergency Appeal

Israeli-Palestinian Emergency Appeal

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We have launched an emergency appeal to provide humanitarian support to the people of Gaza.

Despite finding themselves in the midst of the crisis, with their staff displaced multiple times and living in temporary camps, our partners are responding to those most in need, providing essential medical and food aid across Gaza. They are doing this at great risk to themselves. Already two staff members of Caritas Jerusalem have been killed, along with members of their families. Your donations are vital to ensure this essential aid reaches those most in need.  

We are appalled by the events that took place within the State of Israel, and utterly condemn these acts of violence. We also grieve for innocent families in Gaza. Gaza is one of the most densely populated areas in the world and its residents are currently experiencing unimaginable fear and suffering. They have no way to leave Gaza, and are running out of food, water, and safe shelter. 

How is SCIAF responding?

We are working with the Caritas network and local organisations to respond to those most in need. Our partners and their staff on the ground in Gaza are providing essential cash-transfers, primary health care and psychosocial support, particularly to children. They are also providing care and support for their staff, ensuring they are able to continue to provide frontline services, especially in areas where no one else is operational, such as northern Gaza.

Please donate today so that we can provide essential support to the families in urgent need, as soon as it is safe and possible to do so.  

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