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2024 WEE BOX Appeal

Support women and girls

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*Trigger warning: Rape, sexual violence and infant loss*

"Since I started receiving support, through listening and counselling, my wounds have been healed."

Jeanette, 23, Rwanda

In April 1994, 100 days of mass genocide began in Rwanda. Up to one million people are thought to have died in the violence, including an estimated 500,000 women and children who brutally lost their lives. Thirty years on and Rwanda and its people are still recovering from the genocide that ripped their country apart and the deep trauma and ongoing sexual violence it left behind.

In the years since the genocide ended, violence has become so normalised that almost half of women aged 15 to 49 in Rwanda have experienced physical or sexual violence in their lifetime.

Violence against women is preventable. This Lent, please give generously and use your WEE BOX to make a BIG CHANGE.

With your donations, we’re working to provide essential support to survivors and helping to stop sexual violence.

We’re providing medical care, trauma counselling and skills training so survivors can recover, support themselves and rebuild their lives. We’re working to change attitudes, so women and girls are safe, respected and valued while also developing networks of community leaders who speak out against violence and demand gender equality.

Please reach out in loving kindness this Lent and keep Jeanette and all those whom SCIAF supports around the world in your prayers.

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