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Call on Faith Leaders to show their support for Loss and Damage action

Ask your Faith Leader to sign the Loss and Damage statement which will be presented to world leaders at COP28 in Dubai.

In June 2023, an online dialogue was held with faith leaders and experts from around the world on the issue of Loss and Damage.  

Loss and Damage refers to the impacts of climate change that are already being experienced around the world, especially by people in the Global South. At the last major global climate talks, COP27 in Egypt, a major breakthrough was reached to establish a fund for communities suffering from Loss and Damage. At COP28 in Dubai later in 2023, the final details of this fund will be agreed. 

This dialogue included contributions from senior representatives from the Vatican, church leaders from climate vulnerable countries and Catholic NGO experts, and participants reflected in particular on the moral case for action on Loss & Damage. Drawing on church teaching, sacred scriptures and ancient wisdom, participants applied an ethical lens to this vital issue. 

At the meeting, it was agreed that we should not only reflect, but we are also called to act. 

Therefore, a group of Catholic NGOs came together to create a statement, for leaders of all faiths across the world to show their support for action on Loss and Damage. 

This statement will be delivered to world leaders at COP28 in Dubai. 

As people of faith, we see and feel the suffering of people across the world due to climate change. We are called to challenge this, to show solidarity, and help build a just world where everyone can thrive.  

Please note, that this campaign can only be signed by leaders of faith (e.g. Bishops).

Ask your Faith Leader to sign the statement

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