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DePaul Ukraine

DePaul Ukraine was set up in 2007 to help support the many homeless adults and children sleeping rough in the streets of Kharkiv.  It’s part of DePaul International, which works in the spirit of St Vincent de Paul to support homeless and marginalised people around the world.

Thanks to your generosity, DePaul launched an immediate humanitarian response following the invasion in February 2022 and is committed to reaching the most vulnerable, including families with young children, people with disabilities, the elderly and people experiencing homelessness. 

The scale of need intensified over the programme, with the UN warning that 16 million people in the country needed help to keep clean. Using SCIAF funding, DePaul Ukraine was able to expand its distribution of critical hygiene products to affected populations by 20%. 

Matthew Carter, Group CEO Depaul International said: 

“What we are seeing in Ukraine is completely shocking, and our team have been astonishing in helping people in the hardest-hit areas. In the years ahead we anticipate widespread homelessness across Ukraine, with particularly vulnerable people such as the elderly and disabled the worst hit.”  

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