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2023 WEE BOX: Social media pack

Zambia 2022 Content Trip 120

Year Published 2023

Publisher SCIAF

Language English

Content type Schools, Parishes

Topics Hunger

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Download our social media pack today to help spread the word of our WEE BOX appeal. 


You can view and share this year's WEE BOX videos via the links below:

Our downloads below include:

  • Suggested social posts. Not sure what to write? We've got you covered.
  • Shareable graphics. Share these images and let us know how you're supporting the WEE BOX.
  • Instagram story templates. Share our graphics on your Instagram stories.

Suggested social media action

For many years, the positive impact of your SCIAF WEE BOX donations have reached around the world.

Join us this year and see how far reaching your physical WEE BOX can go too! We want to see selfies of you and your WEE BOX on top of mountains, at the beach, at a football stadium. If you go on holiday, take your WEE BOX and let’s see where the WEE BOX can go this Lent!

Important info

If you're showing your support for us online, please remember to tag @SCIAF on Facebook and Twitter, and @SCIAF_Insta on Instagram. You can also use #WEEBOX.

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