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  • Sylvia - cover - WEE BOX - Lent 2020

    Following Jesus' Example: S5 resource

    2020 - Published by SCIAF (English)

    Real stories from women and men who live in DR Congo will shine a light on the experiences of sexual violence and the treatment of women.

  • Sylvia and family - Day in the life cover - wee box 2020

    WEE BOX 2020: A Day in the life

    2020 - Published by SCIAF (English)

    Resources for a Day in the Life from our WEE BOX appeal.

  • Bishop letter

    Lent 2020: Letter from Bishop Toal

    2020 - Published by SCIAF (English)

    Bishop Joseph Toal of Motherwell shares his letter for the fourth Sunday of Lent.

  • Gallery 2 original

    WEE BOX 2020: Parish pack

    2020 - Published by SCIAF (English)

    Download a selection of resources you can use in your parish and on your social media channels to help promote SCIAF's WEE BOX BIG CHANGE appeal.

  • Stations of the cross cover

    WEE BOX 2020: Parish resources

    2020 - Published by SCIAF (English)

    Everything you need to help your parish support our WEE BOX BIG CHANGE appeal.

  • WEE BOX fundraising cover

    WEE BOX 2020: School resources

    2019 - Published by SCIAF (English)

    Help your school support the WEE BOX, BIG CHANGE appeal this year with these classroom activities, fundraising ideas, prayer resources and videos.